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We work closely with CEO's and chairpersons of big companies, helping them articulate the story of their business and deliver the right message to their consumers, clients, staff and shareholders. With years of experience in consulting leaders in politics, media, and business, we are ready to provide substantial support to brands, businesses and individuals that want to leap, take the next step, and grow with confidence and purpose.


Dana Mosevics.

Dana has always had a passion for people, ideas, storytelling and social responsibility. That interest had evolved into a career in consulting, as she began serving as the policy advisor to the Israeli Consul General in New York, Ambassador Ido Aharoni. When her family relocated to London, she embarked on an independent route, founded DML Strategiesand started providing bespoke consulting services to leaders in the Israeli business and tech scene.

Dana was born and raised in Herzliya, Israel and studied at Tel Aviv University, graduating with honors with a BA in Political Science & Journalism and an MA in Diplomacy.